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Emerald Isle: The Kitchen Bitch Goes Abroad October 3, 2010

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The KB lands in Ireland! Mavis, aka The Kitchen Bitch (center), The KB's sister Paige (right), and Chelsea, the KB's brother's girlfriend (left).

Folks, if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been for the past week (or maybe you haven’t), I’ve been preparing for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Ireland. Actually, I’m writing to you from Dublin right now.

The entire Linnemann clan (i.e., my parents, triplet brother and sisters + their significant others, grandpa and grandpa, aunt and cousin) piled into cars and drove to Chicago for a direct flight to Dublin on Friday. Before we went to the airport, we headed to the Bad Apple in Lincoln Square to get some burgers and some beers.

The KB having a pre-flight Kwak, a very delicious Belgian beer served in a glass with wooden handle, at the Bad Apple in Lincoln Square.

My family (minus my sister Annie and her boyfriend, who were meeting us in Dublin) all met at the airport for our direct flight.

The Linnemann clan waiting to board our flight to Dublin at the O'Hare Airport. Keep in mind, we're still missing two members 🙂

We  left at 6 p.m. CST and arrived in Dublin at at 7 a.m. (2 a.m. CST) on Saturday, groggy and jet lagged. Several of us had breakfast while everyone else took naps. Later, we hopped in taxis and headed down to the city center for lunch at a pub called The Church.

While most of our meals were forgettable (even bad—Ireland isn’t known for its food), my sister did order a really great traditional Irish dish—Bacon and Boiled Cabbage. “Bacon” in Ireland, as we’ve quickly come to realize, means ham, not crispy rashers of pork belly as us Americans know it. The ham and cabbage were both perfectly cooked and served upon a buttery mess of mashed potatoes and covered in cream gravy.

Traditional Bacon and Cabbage with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy at The Church in Dublin

After lunch we attempted to walk around, but  Grandma wasn’t enjoying the rain in her wheelchair, so the adults went back to the hotel and the kids hit up the pub. After drinking a few beers we decided to walk back to the hotel. It was my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday, so my sisters and I decided we were somehow going to pick up a birthday cake on our way back to the hotel without Bart knowing.

Let me tell you—we’re resourceful girls. In about 15 minutes the three of us had gotten two cakes, one with Happy Birthday on it, party hats, candles, cutlery, and a little gift box of chocolates. When we arrived back at the hotel, my sister, Paige, got Bart to leave the room and we set up a quick party in the hotel restaurant. I’m not sure how surprised he was, but I don’t think he was expecting us to go all out like we did.

Celebrating Bart's birthday at the hotel restaurant.

Bart's birthday cakes were layers of fluffy cake, cream filling, and strawberry jam.

After the party, everyone tapped out one by one. You’ll be proud to know the Kitchen Bitch made it until 10 p.m. before finally hitting the sack for a good 12 hours. What a great first day in Ireland!


2 Responses to “Emerald Isle: The Kitchen Bitch Goes Abroad”

  1. Gwen McCormack Says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventure! I so enjoyed the pictures and commentary. It looks like a FUN trip! ENJOY! Gwen

  2. Michele & Greg Says:

    Glad you all made it over there ok & are having fun.
    We miss you all & wish we could be there,.

    Michele & Greg

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