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The Blizzard Outside My Front Door February 2, 2011

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The blizzard outside my front door

As most of you know, Chicago was hit by a blizzard yesterday, and it’s still going strong today. We had crazy winds, thunder and lighting last night. And while all that noise has dissipated, the snow is still coming down in whirlwinds. I believe we’re getting another foot tonight.

The view right outside my front door

So, what do you do during a blizzard, besides take pictures of it, of course? Well, since I work from home and I have to at least make it look like I’m working, which isn’t a lot of fun. But I did run to the corner store yesterday and grab myself a 12-pack of Bud Light (I know, definitely not fancy, but it is cheap) before the snow took a turn for the worst.

My front steps

Luckily, I had accidentally planned for the weather by buying two pounds of broccoli in the hopes of making a broccoli-cheese soup this week, so I devoted a few hours to developing a delicious recipe, which I’ll share with you tomorrow. I think the soup tasted that much better because it sounded like the wind was going to take my house down. And things must always taste better when there’s a chance a storm could kill ya.

The snow lining the streets is about 3 ft high

I wanted to take a nice long hot bath, but between the soup and the top-secret project I’m working on for Douglas for Valentine’s Day (it’s really not as exciting as it sounds but I can’t tell you what it is because then he’ll find out!), I never got around to it.

A girl make her way up my street during the blizzard

Instead I watched Despicable Me and spent my last hour of the night cuddling with my kitty and watching my favorite guilty-pleasure shows: Law & Order SVU and House Hunters.

These cars all halfway covered with snow

I haven’t quite yet decided on my schedule for today, but since class is canceled I think it’s going to include baking cookies, maybe some gingersnaps, watching more television, and pretending like I’m working. I’m hoping my sister and her boyfriend will make the trek to my house and I can cook them up something yummy.

Is my car under there somewhere??

But my sister’s unreliable (sorry Annie!), so I’m doubtful they’ll make it up here. So maybe I’ll make what’s now an hour-long trek to Doug’s house so we can watch the Syracuse-UConn game together, but it looks like I’ll probably be cheering on my alma mater all by my lonesome. And that’s OK. It’s a snow day!

A girl across the street sits in the snow while her in dad shovels



6 Responses to “The Blizzard Outside My Front Door”

  1. Kris Says:

    Great pics! It’s about how MKE looks too, except now the sun is shining. I also think you guys got hit a little harder than we did up Nort. Stay warm. I’m going to make potstickers today!

  2. Beth Says:

    Wow I can’t believe how much snow you guys have!! Be safe!

  3. This is why I am happy to leave in a condo: I don’t have to shovel.

  4. Haha awesome pics! Are you in Lincoln Park? I am downtown right in the near west loop right by Ogilvy and it was the most insane storm I have ever seen! We took the dogs to the park while it was thundering and lightning, it was sooo cool! I didn’t even know that was possible! I’m just glad my car wasn’t stuck on Lake Shore Drive! Yikes!
    Stay warm! 🙂

  5. wow im glad we dont have that much snow. curl up and enjoy your soup!

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