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The Kitchen Bitch Gets Hitched!! November 2, 2011

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Lyell Photography

Hello my beautiful readers! The past month and a half have been an absolute whirlwind:

I moved 300 miles to be closer to my family, and I married the man of my dreams, Mr. Douglas Clark.

And I couldn’t be any happier.

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Lyell Photography

Not only did Doug and I have to search for our new home from Chicago, but we had to rely on my mom and our realtor Liz Ellis to find us the perfect spot. They did beautifully, and we now live in a gorgeous historic apartment in downtown Covington, Kentucky. In fact, our house was in the news this past week as the new Mayor of Covington used to live here when he first got married—talk about sweet digs! We’re the first people outside of the family to live in this beautifully updated home, and we’re treating it as if we own it. *Love*

While we love our new home, being able to simply relax in it was a journey of its own. Doug and I both had to pack up apartments we had lived in for years (me for three and Doug for five) and move their contents 350 miles from Chicago to Kentucky in a giant moving truck and my dad’s high-top, pimped out (as in funny track lighting and a VHS player) white conversion van. We spent 12 hours packing up the cars, and somehow my dad and the boys he designated as his moving crew managed to unload it in about 20 minutes. Figures, right?

Doug started his new job (he got a transfer, wohoo!) the Monday after we moved, and I raced to finish all my work before the wedding, which was less than 2 weeks away!

Can’t you tell we’re people who don’t like anything to be easy? 🙂

Then came the wonderful, exciting, stressful, crazy wedding week. My mom, sisters and I, along with my good friend Raeshum, set up the party space and made a million jars of jam for wedding favors. My mom did an amazing job decorating the reception space, don’t you think? (And yes, all the laterns were lit during the wedding—it was gorgeous!)

Of course, there had to be some sort of food theme in the KB’s wedding, and we had lemons on all the tables in vintage white milk glass vases as our centerpieces. And in this shot you can see all the little red paper flowers I spent many hours making for each guest’s napkin (a Martha Stewart-designed project).

The Friday before the wedding our parents, grandparents and bridal party all put on our fanciest clothes and hopped in giant white vans (classy, I know) to go to our rehearsal dinner at Nicola’s in downtown Cincinnati. I told Doug that I required amazing Italian at least once during our wedding weekend, and wow, did Nicola’s provide it. The food, venue and company were all fabulous. We had our own private room, complete with a full bar and wood-burning fireplace, and Nicola and his wonderful staff served us a five-star, five-course Italian feast. I have to say, our rehearsal dinner was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend, and I’m glad I convinced Doug to splurge on what I consider the best Italian food in Cincinnati. Thanks again Nicola!

The KB with her mom and grandparents

The wedding itself was a great success, and we really didn’t have too many setbacks, minus the fact that I lost one of my brand-new mother-of-pearl earringa before our First Look photos even started and my bridesmaids seemed to have a hard time getting themselves ready on time, but I guess that’s to be expected. The weather was absolutely perfect, except for a few gusts of wind (hence the lost earring). We also had an amazing photographer, Stephanie Lyell, and her husband with us the entire day, and we CANNOT WAIT to see the rest of the pictures they took that day. I’ll definitely be sharing more with you guys as they come in. As you can imagine, as the bride I didn’t take too many of my own pictures that day 🙂

What made the wedding so lovely was that everyone put on their dancing shoes just as we expected. Our deejay, the Luna Man, couldn’t believe that the entire wedding party made it to the dance floor—and stayed there the entire night. My Uncle Mark even had his tie looped around his head for most of the evening. This, my friends, is what an  open bar does to even the most conservative of family members. (AMAZING!)

You know what was also fun about the wedding? I realized that I had finally graduated from the “kid’s table” and moved on to what we’re now calling the “big kid’s table,” where married adults who aren’t past 50 get to sit. Here I am with my beautiful cousin Kelly (right) and cousin-in-law Tina (left), both members of the so-called Big Kid’s Table. YES! I really feel like I’m moving up in the world here, folks. 🙂

While Doug and I haven’t gotten to go on our honeymoon yet, we did get to travel to Charleston, South Carolina, the following weekend to another lovely wedding. And you know what? We finally got to feel like newlyweds, and it felt good. No, not good. GREAT.


15 Responses to “The Kitchen Bitch Gets Hitched!!”

  1. Glad you’re finally in the Cincinnati area!!! I used to work downtown in Covington…I now work downtown – just across the river – we’ll have to get together sometime for lunch!

  2. Dana Kirby Says:

    Just beautiful…you looked amazing.

  3. Greg Mistler Says:

    Wow! Michele and I, along with everyone else, had an absolutely great time at your wedding. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of that wonderful day. Looking forward to spending time with you & Doug now that you are back in the homeland.

  4. Congratulations! Enjoy married life!

  5. Aunt Michele Says:

    Love the pictures Mavis. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  6. Deb H. Says:

    Loved being with you at your wedding. Hope you enjoyed the beach! Can’t wait to get together for Christmas

  7. Paige Says:

    Over the top!!! One of the prettiest brides I have ever seen and one of the best tasting weddings I have been too! It was a blast, a real treat! Mavis and mom made it very fun for everyone!!!! :Paige

  8. Kris Says:

    Mavis, you look gorgeous in your wedding photos! So wonderful that your wedding was everything you hoped for. I hope to see you soon, chica!

  9. Aunt Diane Says:

    What a fun party! Sure did have a wonderful time at your wedding. Enjoyed meeting Doug’s family too. You looked amazing, food was great, music was entertaining. Thanks for getting Clay into town (LOL), and bringing our whole family together for a fantastic evening. It was just too much fun!

  10. Maripat Price Says:

    Mavis – just beautiful! You are stunning. The pictures show exactly how much fun people were having and how pretty everything was at the rehearsal and the reception. Red shoes, yes!! Congrats! Oh….and tell Uncle Mark the tie is a keeper.

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