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DIY Confetti Tablecloth March 2, 2012

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This really fun idea came from D.I.Y. blogger and party planner Jordan at Oh Happy Day. I thought it was so cute, my sister Paige and I had to try it! We made two of them, one for my sister in pastels, and one for me in bright colors. While ours didn’t turn out anywhere near as good as on Oh Happy Day, they’re still really adorable anyways! Check out the original instructions here. Many thanks to design blogger extraordinaire Pugly Pixel for sharing the link to this in her Links Loved post for the week! These pics aren’t the greatest, I know, so bear with me.

We bought our tablecloths from Target for this project. Making the stencil was the hardest part, at least for me since I’m not very coordinated with that stuff. And making the painted circles perfect definitely took some practice. But all in all Paige and I had a lot of fun painting these during commercial breaks on Oscar night. And you can see our dog Wiley decided to hang out with us too. He was kinda upset we were blocking his way, so he kept laying a little too close to the tablecloth—he almost got paint all over himself. We love him anyway 🙂

I took some pics of the tablecloth in use, but it’s so dark and stormy outside today that the pics just don’t do it justice. Definitely check out Oh Happy Day’s great pics of this. This was a super fun Sunday afternoon project. Enjoy!



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