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Japp’s Since 1879, Round 2!! March 23, 2012

Hi Friends! No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I’m still here and I’m alive and kicking—really kicking! Last Saturday’s Over The Rhine Meets Ireland event was such a success that the owner of Japp’s Since 1979, celebrated mixologist Molly Wellman, invited me back to cook for the general public this Saturday, March 24, from 8 p.m. until whenever we run out of food. YES!

So, it’s been a very crazy week trying to get all my license and permits together, come up with a menu, as well as complete work for my three other jobs. But look at the amazing little menu I’ve come up with! You HAVE to stop by and get a taco if you’re in downtown Cincinnati! Come look for me and my red-headed hubby, Doug, at the far end of Japp’s bar.

(By the way, and this isn’t just a plug because I’m cooking there, but Japp’s is my favorite bar in the city. The bartenders really know what they’re doing, and all their fabulous cocktails are made with homemade syrups and bitters. The specialty cocktail menu changes daily, but you can’t go wrong with an original French 75—my personal fave.)

Poster for Tacos Night at Japp's, March 24, 2012

Of course, I also want to share with you some pictures from last weekend’s event. Look at how lovely the setup was! The menu for the day included: Beet Pickled Deviled Eggs; Green Eggs & Ham (Deviled Eggs with Herbed Filling and Ham Steak); Pear Chutney Crostini with Blue Cheese Mousse; Corned Beef & Hash Taters; and Mini Guinness Gingerbreads.

Many thanks to my sister Paige for all her help cooking and decorating, and to the rest of my family for all the hard work they put in to make this happen. The Delish Dish is off to a smashing start! Oh yeah, and if you, dear readers, are interested, the Delish Dish website is up and running!


2 Responses to “Japp’s Since 1879, Round 2!!”

  1. burningchairphotography Says:

    I love the beautiful deviled eggs!

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