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Fave Products: Pillsbury Baking Spray March 29, 2012

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So, I’m probably like a million years behind many of you on this, but I recently discovered a great (new to me) baking product: Pillsbury’s Baking Spray with Flour. (And no, Pillsbury isn’t paying me to say this … but I wish they were.)

Why do I love it? Well, it means I don’t have to butter AND flour my baking pans to make sure cakes and tarts don’t stick. And, of course, it’s awesome that I can simply spray my pans instead of smearing butter all over them a paper towel and then trying not to make a mess of my kitchen while sprinkling flour on them—never a very fun task.

I still keep regular baking spray around for everyday tasks, but I love this for baking. You can find it right by the PAM and other brand spray oils in the supermarket.

In other news, I was invited back to Japp’s Since 1879 again this weekend, and they officially have a license to serve food! (Last week I had to get my own—an expensive and nerve-wracking endeavor, let me tell you.) Since their event coordinator called me soon after they received the license yesterday, I had to rush to come up with an easy but delicious menu for Friday night, but I think I did pretty well. Here it is:

Do you, dear readers, have any suggestions for gourmet hot dogs? Doug and I searched far and wide for inspiration, and came up a little lacking. I’d love to hear about the gourmet hot dog adventures you’ve had or experienced! Leave your ideas and recipes in the comment section.

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7 Responses to “Fave Products: Pillsbury Baking Spray”

  1. Ruth Minter Says:

    I have not floured a baking pan in a jillion years….I use white granulated sugar and it
    gives the cakes a great sweet taste and a little extra crunchy texture.

  2. alessiarose Says:

    Be still my heart, Sriracha aoli!!! God bless you and your culinary genius, I have to try this now.

  3. Hey Mavis! It’s Jennifer, from culinary school 🙂 I make a vegan currywurst seitan dog with apple chutney, it’s delish! I think it could work well in meat form too. You could use pork, which i guess is a hot dog anyways-duh.
    Your gig at the bar sounds so fun! I’m finishing up all my licensing to sell at Logan Square Farmers Market this summer – so excited, but so much paperwork! Good luck with everything!

  4. Ruth Says:

    Hi Mavis,
    It’s Ruth…we met at Linda’s cookie party last year. Love your blog! My favorite dog is simple but yummy….good quality dog topped with corn, tomato, and red onion relish(summer corn and tomatoes are best) a little s&p, a squirt of lime juice on the relish is all you need.
    I’ve also tried a chicken sausage topped with Trader Joe’s garlic dijohn and Frank’s hot sauce mixed together with some finely chopped celery for crunch, topped with blue cheese crumbles for a Buffalo dog.
    BLT dog….Finely chopped iceberg, cherry tomatoes, avocados, and crumbled bacon.

    For inspiration, nothing beats Hot Doug’s, on the North side of Chicago. They have wild combos like lamb sausage with harissa and feta; sun-dried tomato and basil sausage with roasted tomato dijonaisse and ricotta salata; pork sausage with passionfruit dijonaisse, smoked gouda, just to name a few.

    Good luck….keep us posted on your progress………..Ruth

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