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About April 7, 2010

Welcome to Kitchen Bitch. What makes me a kitchen bitch, you ask? Well, when I’m not cooking for clients as a personal chef or working as a freelance writer and editor, I spend pretty much all of my time either in the kitchen or doing something related to food—you know, cooking, baking, gardening, dreaming up interesting meals ideas, researching hot new restaurants, or lazily watching the Food Network—and once I’m in the kitchen, I usually designate a friend or family member my “kitchen bitch” for the day; my sister Paige often gets the honor (and she happens to love it, mind you). I’m a woman with an opinion and I don’t mind sharing it, so let’s just say that the title doesn’t just come from the fact that I always have a helper or two in the kitchen.

I’ve been cooking for family and friends for many years now, and I graduated from Kendall College’s Culinary Arts program in 2011. I always get asked about techniques, new recipes, great restaurants, and useful culinary gadgets. This blog is my way to answer many of these questions—with sass and class, of course—and share recipes written by both myself and professional chefs.

So, folks, roll up those sleeves and get cooking with the Kitchen Bitch.

My fav Kitchen Bitch, my sister Paige, rocking her onion goggles.


10 Responses to “About”

  1. Susie Sullivan Fiske Says:

    Mavis this blog is fantastic–you are so humble–you never mentioned this!! I am really impressed with your let’s get going attitude–and feel privilidged to know you! Look forward to spending more time with you in class. And to learning and sharing with you! Susie Sullivan Fiske

  2. Renea Says:

    Your Uncle Greg told me about your blog. I LOVE SOUPS TOO. I’ve been looking for a red pepper soup recipe….going to try yours.

    Have great locale if you want to move back to area and open B&B….lots of wineries springing up along the Ohio River Valley…cute little historic town along river an hour east of Cincy..aka Ripley, OH.

  3. Maripat Price Says:

    Mavis – what a great idea for your wedding favors! What else would say “Mavis”!? The strawberry lemon jam looks sooo good. I never thought of using a potato masher for this kind of a recipe. Makes total sense because you have more control over the consistancy.

    Sorry your house hunting has not been so good but you know what your Mother would probably say (I know, only because I would say it to my kids) “this is happening for a reason, Mavis…God has plans”.

  4. Kitch bitch is both authorative and explanatory – I LIKE it 🙂

  5. Excellent. Vanilla sugar bin: started.

  6. You have been nominated for the Subshine Award. Check it out over at

  7. john baker Says:

    I sdlf published a 45 page wrant called “The Bad News Culinary Students from Grand Junction, Colorado”. It was an interesting journey to culinary school myself. Congrats on finishing.

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