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Man Meals: Southwestern White Bean Chicken Chili January 23, 2013

Southwestern White Bean Chicken Chili

Brrr … it’s cold outside! It’s the coldest it’s been this winter here in Cincinnati, so that can only mean one thing:


Of course, with the Super Bowl coming up, I’m sure you’re also trying to find crowd-pleasing recipes—and let me tell you, this Southwestern White Bean Chicken Chili is it!

I’ve been thinking about chili for awhile now (is that weird? I sometimes think about recipes for weeks before I make them), and I really wanted to make something lighter than a traditional all-beef chili but with all the full, well-developed flavors that make us love chili in the first place. Sounds like a good plan, right?

Simmer chili



For Tasha: Sausage & Cheese Grits with Tomato-Pepper Sauce and Fried Egg October 24, 2012

Let me start by saying: I could eat this dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or brinner. Or brunch.

It’s what you might call a “crossover” meal, as anything with a fried egg can be deemed breakfast OR dinner, at least in my book. (And I’m sure many of you, dear readers, agree).

It’s savory. It’s comforting. It’s satisfying. It’s a big bowl of simple ingredients put together to make something truly special—something worth waking up on Sunday morning just to make. (more…)


Grill It: Chipotle Pork Chops with Apple Chutney June 11, 2012

I have to tell you, I’ve been really digging the weather in my new home, Cincinnati. Summer is already in full force here, which means I can cook many of our weeknight meals (and my client’s meals) on the grill. I just love being able to cook outside—and the fact that there aren’t so many dishes to wash after we’ve finished dinner. Granted, I know the humidity index will skyrocket in July, but I’m trying to pretend that’s never going to happen. Let’s see how long I can keep up the delusion, eh? (more…)


Grill it! Rosemary-Citrus Chicken Thighs May 9, 2012

I’ve been really digging marinades lately. They’re so easy to prepare (Mix all the ingredients together. Add meat. Wait.) and, with a little planning, you can have all the work done the night before so you just have to throw the meat on the grill when you’re ready to eat the next evening. Score!

I made a chicken kabob marinade similar to this one a few weeks back at a 50-person party I catered, and it was such a huge hit that I thought I’d recreate the flavors here for you. Let me tell you, juicing citrus for four is so much easier than juicing it 50. That’s task I wouldn’t wish on many, but having my super-awesome new citrus juicer attachment for my stand mixer made it a whole lot easier. (more…)


Man Meals: Four-Chile Chili March 7, 2012

As I shopped the mountains of fresh produce at Findlay Market during my weekly visit, I came across cute little baskets filled with a variety of sweet and hot peppers for only $2. Doug and I can never seem to get enough chile in our lives, so I knew the little box of peppers wouldn’t go to waste.

With the last days of winter most definitely upon us (it’s gonna be 60 here in Cincinnati for the rest of the week!), I realized it was time for one last batch of chili, and I really wanted to come up with a new version to try and beat my all-time favorite chili recipe, my Pumpkin-Turkey Chili—and I think I might have done it! (more…)