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The KB is a Bad Girl Ventures Finalist! March 24, 2013

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The Spring 2013 Bad Girl Ventures Class. (That's the KB first row, second to the left.)

The Spring 2013 Bad Girl Ventures Class. (That’s the KB first row, second to the left.)

Hello dear readers!

Once again it’s been a crazy month here for the Kitchen Bitch and I have lots of great stuff to report!

First and foremost, the KB, aka The Delish Dish,  is a Bad Girl (as if you didn’t know that anyway)! What that means is that I am one of 10 women-owned businesses to compete in the Spring 2013 Bad Girl Ventures program for a $25,000 loan to get my business, The Delish Dish, off the ground.

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Bad Girl Ventures (BGV) is a highly localized micro-lending organization focused on funding woman-owned start-ups in the Greater Ohio region, specifically Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland. As a nonprofit, BGV combines micro-lending with a 9-week business development course to help support women entrepreneurs in all the key elements of their business.

The 9-week business development course is open to anyone—woman or man; however, if you apply to be finalist, you not only get to take the business courses on scholarship, you also compete against 9 other women-owned businesses for a $25K loan provided by BGV.


In order to become a finalist, I had to complete an in-depth application describing my business and what I would do with the $25K loan. From 46 applicants, the BGV board of directors chose 14 women as semi-finalists. Each semi-finalist then had to give a 10-minute presentation to the board, bankers, and investors. This is where the fun began for me, because I was in Las Vegas for my first Catersource Convention and Tradeshow, so I had to give my PowerPoint presentation and speech over Google Hangout! Ah! (more…)


Canning Favorites: Homemade Spiced Apple Butter November 29, 2012

As usual, life is racing by this holiday season. I made it through the first round of my newest project, A Delish Dish Homemade Holiday, with more than 150 jars of jam, jellies, and preserves sold by Thanksgiving! Pictured above is an Instagram photo of my full line of homemade goodies from Thanksgiving (follow me @KitchenBitch), and I’ll be swapping in some new favorites for Christmas, like Christmas Plum Conserve, Apple-Jalapeno Jelly, Blueberry Maple Butter (hello, pancakes!), Fig Strawberry Jam with Balsamic Vinegar, and my first-ever low-sugar preserve for those with diabetes, Mixed Berry Apple Spread. I make everything myself in small batches, and the 4 and 8 oz. sizes are perfect for gift giving! Click here to download the new order form! (more…)


Fall 2012 Menu + A Delish Dish Homemade Holiday November 8, 2012

Holiday prep is already in full swing here for The Kitchen Bitch aka The Delish Dish, and I’d like to share with you my new Fall Menu, as well as tell you about the launch of A Delish Dish Homemade Holiday! You can check out the new menu on my website or you can download a PDF of my new Fall Menu here.



Monster Mash Up! This Week at Japp’s October 29, 2012

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The Delish Dish (that’s me!) is back at Japp’s Since 1879 this week! Japp’s is hosting a Monster MashUp costume party to raise money for three charitable organizations: Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, the Starfire Council of Cincinnati, and Caricole. I’ll be dishing up Halloween-themed grub—hopefully in costume if all goes right! Stop by and say hi, grab some grub, and get your groove on! Of course, I couldn’t resist serving this Halloween treat!


My Biggest Event Yet + Watermelon, Tomato, and Feta Salad September 7, 2012

Hello Dear Readers! Wow these past few weeks have been crazy and crazy fun! Last weekend I catered the biggest event of my career, a 150-person after-wedding party at Neon’s Unplugged in downtown Cincinnati, for my very dear friend Carmen and her now-husband Ben. I love these two so much, it was awesome to be able to feed them and their families the day after their big day! (more…)


Late Summer Menu August 14, 2012

Hello dear readers!
Summer has been an exciting time here for the Kitchen Bitch aka The Delish Dish, and I’m excited to share with you my first comprehensive catering/personal chef menu, with everything from Brie en Croute to Double Chocolate Bundt Cake.

This menu is just a starting point—all of my meals are custom made to your specifications—and this menu showcases just a few of my seasonal specialties. So please, take a moment to see what delicious things I have in store for you during these last few weeks of summer. You won’t be disappointed!!!

I’ve also updated the Delish Dish Gourmet Chef Services website, so be sure to check it out!


This menu is only just a starting point. The Delish Dish is happy to customize all menus. All condiment and sauces are prepared by hand and can always be altered to fit your needs and wants. Just ask! (more…)


Tuesdays with Dorie: Green-as-Spring Veal Stew April 17, 2012

Wow, my friends. I’ve had quite possibly the craziest month of my life, which is in itself a incredible thing to say since I’ve had some very crazy times, but in terms of work I’ve never quite worked like this before. It looks like the six-day work week is here to stay (at least in my life), and I’m really trying to get accustomed to working longer days and longer weeks in order to get Delish Dish Gourmet Chef Services off the ground.

And this little business of mine is picking up way faster than I ever imagined: I’m booked for almost every weekend in May already! I’m doing a bridal shower, a Cinco de Mayo/Derby Day burrito party, a 50-person rehearsal dinner of sorts and, of course, Final Fridays at Japp’s Since 1879 (who’s website will be up and running shortly I’m told)!

I’m so grateful and amazed at how many people have asked me to cook for them since I launched the business. If things keep on the up and up, I’ll be a full-time chef in no time! (YES!!) And let me tell you, I’m really looking forward to quitting my day job—or at least one of them! Working four jobs has been a juggling act, but that’s what Libras do best I’m told 🙂

But really, we all know you’re here for the food, and this dish is a doozy! I’ve had Dorie’s recipe for Green-as-Spring Veal Stew bookmarked for quite some time now, and when I came across Mark Bitman’s even more simple version, I knew I had to combine the two recipes to make my own version. With all the changes I’ve made this recipe is most definitely mine, but I have to thanks Dorie and Mark Bitman for their guiding hand with this one.

This dish really does scream “SPRING!!!” The vibrant green sauce is incredibly fresh, and every bite packs a wallop of herby awesomeness  (yes, that is a technical term) with a touch of sweetness from the peas.