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Ask KB April 17, 2010

The Kitchen Bitch in full catering gear

Got a question about meat temp? Don’t know what to do with your over-mashed potatoes now that you’ve ruined ’em? Need advice about what to do with ground lamb? Drop the Kitchen Bitch a note and I’ll answer your question in the blog. Send me an email at


7 Responses to “Ask KB”

  1. kendra Says:

    Hey, just would like to tell you THANK YOU!! I made this for a BBQ party bash to just celebrate the end of summer and kicking off fall feeding 40 people! It was a HUGE hit and LOTS of compliments. I find the title of your blog hilarious and a bit true on my end. I am truely a kitchen bitch… nobody touch my stuff when i am in the mode!!

  2. Lee Says:

    My mom threw a dinner party and made your tikka masala recipe. She told me that everyone loved it.

  3. Mike Michaud Says:

    Just tried your Cinnamon Pecan Bundt Cake and realized the number of eggs is missing. Also, is there white sugar in the cake mix.

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