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My (Food) Bio April 21, 2010

The KB pouring homemade barbeque sauce over her beef brisket.

I was raised with my triplet brother and sisters in Ryland, Kentucky, (near Cincinnati, Ohio) on good old-fashioned southern cooking and trips to the area’s best restaurants. I worked in bakeries, candy stores and coffee shops, all the while improving my baking skills at home with chocolate mousses and layer cakes.

After high school, I went on to study magazine journalism, women’s studies and film at Syracuse University. Afterwards, I moved to Philadelphia to work as an editorial assistant and copy editor at a variety of publishing houses. South Philly’s Italian market and the cheap Mexican groceries—as well as the lack of cash in my pocket—forced me to pick up a skillet and some sausages and start cooking.  I instantly fell in love and began dreaming up new concoctions. When I wasn’t cooking, I traveled as much as I could. I’ve been to five continents and I’ve tried delicious and bizarre foods everywhere I’ve been. Travel only makes me like cooking—and eating—even more. I even took cooking classes from a little old Italian woman in Umbria, and I still make her recipes to this day.

I moved to Chicago in 2008 for a change of scene, and the booming culinary world here couldn’t have been a better choice for me.  I had my choice of amazing restaurants, exotic ingredients, and new and interesting people to feed in my small apartment in Ravenswood. In 2010, I decided to attend culinary school at Kendall College in Chicago. In 2011, I graduated with a certificate in Personal Chef and Catering and my very own chef’s coat.

Not long after, I moved back home to Northern Kentucky, married the man of my dreams, and established my own  personal chef company, The Delish Dish, to bring delicious home-cooked meals to busy families in the tri-state area.


11 Responses to “My (Food) Bio”

  1. Britt Says:

    hey mavis! found you blog randomly- it’s great! keep up the good cookin and writing!

  2. eli Says:

    Love the name. The photography and posts are great.

  3. Ruth Cusack Says:

    Hi Mavis! Enjoyed meeting you last night……… your blog is great, and the pics inspiring! Keep up the good work!

  4. Donald Dean Says:

    Mavis, I know what you mean about the photos. Your composition is excellent. Your camera is probably alright, too. It may be that you just need better lighting. You may want to investigate a local professional photographer’s guidance. If you do all the photography, it shouldn’t cost much to get on the right track. Your dishes, technique and narrative are top drawer. I think you have what it takes to reach the next level! Best wishes in your labor of love. Don

  5. Maripat Price Says:

    Mavis – Wow – you are on your way! Wonderful story about your culinary and family history. I especially like the “donuts” one because I am the development associate at St. Ursula Villa! I just happened upon your site and wanted to say hello. Maybe we could put the story and the donut recipe in a newsletter! Send me your address because I want to send you the St. Ursula Villa cookbooks! You should come and visit! or I would love to visit you in Chicago. My daughter lives in Streeterville and I plan on visiting her soon. I’ll treat you to a wonderful dinner – your choice.
    Best of luck,
    Maripat Price

  6. Maripat Price Says:

    Hi Mavis – I have the cookbook right here but I misplaced your address. Would you mind sending it again. Thanks and stay cool in all that Mexican heat you are cooking up.

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