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Taste of the Tropics: Mango-Black Bean Salad with Lime Vinaigrette January 15, 2013

Mango-Black Bean Salad

Let’s pretend it’s summer, shall we?

Yes, let’s pretend that everyone is wearing short shorts and flowy hi-low hemmed skirts and drinking milk shakes and having backyard BBQs. That it hasn’t rained every day for what seems like weeks and that the sun is really just hiding out behind those ugly gray clouds, waiting to make it’s move.

You see, sometimes, in the deep, dark of winter, I like to make tropical foods to remind me of the warm, sunny days yet to come. Luckily, there are a plethora of tropical fruits to choose from at the supermarket, especially in winter. And since berries and other summer fruits aren’t at their best, I really encourage you to pick up some of those funny-looking fruits—persimmons, kumquats, mangoes, starfruit, dragon fruit, etc.—and give them a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by some of the flavors you’ll find. (more…)


Man Meals: Four-Chile Chili March 7, 2012

As I shopped the mountains of fresh produce at Findlay Market during my weekly visit, I came across cute little baskets filled with a variety of sweet and hot peppers for only $2. Doug and I can never seem to get enough chile in our lives, so I knew the little box of peppers wouldn’t go to waste.

With the last days of winter most definitely upon us (it’s gonna be 60 here in Cincinnati for the rest of the week!), I realized it was time for one last batch of chili, and I really wanted to come up with a new version to try and beat my all-time favorite chili recipe, my Pumpkin-Turkey Chili—and I think I might have done it! (more…)


Best Ever Grilled Pork Tacos September 3, 2010

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Tacos al Pastor and Mexican-Style Black Beans with Epazote

There are meals you can make from just what’s in your pantry, and there are meals you have to stock your pantry to make. Unless you frequently make authentic Mexican dinners, this meal is one you’ll have to plan for. But I solemnly swear this Mexican fiesta is worth the ingredient hunt. In fact, instead of “tacos al pastor,” I think this recipe should be called “the best ever grilled pork tacos.”

While finding some of the ingredients in this dish might be a pain, actually putting it all together is fairly easy. Chunks of marbled pork shoulder are marinated overnight in a reconstituted dried chile sauce and then grilled with pineapples and onions. The smoky grilled meat and veggies are piled into tortillas and then topped with crema suprema, diced red onion, spicy salsa and cilantro—a truly authentic Mexican treat.