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The KB is a Bad Girl Ventures Finalist! March 24, 2013

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The Spring 2013 Bad Girl Ventures Class. (That's the KB first row, second to the left.)

The Spring 2013 Bad Girl Ventures Class. (That’s the KB first row, second to the left.)

Hello dear readers!

Once again it’s been a crazy month here for the Kitchen Bitch and I have lots of great stuff to report!

First and foremost, the KB, aka The Delish Dish,  is a Bad Girl (as if you didn’t know that anyway)! What that means is that I am one of 10 women-owned businesses to compete in the Spring 2013 Bad Girl Ventures program for a $25,000 loan to get my business, The Delish Dish, off the ground.

delish dish2.28.2012

Bad Girl Ventures (BGV) is a highly localized micro-lending organization focused on funding woman-owned start-ups in the Greater Ohio region, specifically Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland. As a nonprofit, BGV combines micro-lending with a 9-week business development course to help support women entrepreneurs in all the key elements of their business.

The 9-week business development course is open to anyone—woman or man; however, if you apply to be finalist, you not only get to take the business courses on scholarship, you also compete against 9 other women-owned businesses for a $25K loan provided by BGV.


In order to become a finalist, I had to complete an in-depth application describing my business and what I would do with the $25K loan. From 46 applicants, the BGV board of directors chose 14 women as semi-finalists. Each semi-finalist then had to give a 10-minute presentation to the board, bankers, and investors. This is where the fun began for me, because I was in Las Vegas for my first Catersource Convention and Tradeshow, so I had to give my PowerPoint presentation and speech over Google Hangout! Ah! (more…)


Findlay, Then And Now, + Mango-Roasted Strawberry Sorbet July 13, 2012

My pace quickens as we near the building, the sounds emanating from behind the glass doors to Findlay Market calling us in. The door swings open, and I hurry in behind my mother, trying to escape the sticky air that haunts Cincinnati in mid-summer.

The sweet funky smell of curing meats hits my nose before my eyes have a chance to adjust to the scene: a long hallway of cases upon gleaming cases offering every kind of meat imaginable, displayed in its natural glory—giant slabs of bacon, uncut oxtails, chicken feet, whole ducks. It’s years before I’ll cook these strange items myself, but even as an adolescent I can tell this place is special: It offers not only a taste of the unknown, but also a taste of the Old World, of butchers and fishmongers and pastry chefs that used to be our ancestors’ only connection to fine foods, long before the words “organic” and “foodie” entered our vocabulary. I linger awhile longer by the cheese case, admiring the perfectly round balls of fresh mozzarella and the spidery blue veins of the Gorgonzola. (more…)


The Delish Dish February 1, 2012

Hello, dear readers! Once again, I’m looking to you for some much-needed feedback. I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking, and I think I might finally have a name for my new personal chef business. While I love Kitchen Bitch—and I plan on keeping the blog up and running—I wanted something sassy and fun (and decidedly less inflammatory) for my new personal chef business. I’ll be offering homemade meals—fresh, frozen, or “take and bake” (i.e, meals made my me, baked by you in your own home)—as well as small-scale catering (less than 50 people) and cooking lessons to the greater Cincinnati area. So, drum roll please, what do you think about the name:


I haven’t decided if I’m going to tack on “Chef Services” to the name, but I think it might be helpful. Folks, I’d LOVE your feedback on this. Love it? Hate it? Let me know if in the comments section!

Happy Hump Day!

The KB



The Kitchen Bitch Gets Hitched!! November 2, 2011

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Lyell Photography

Hello my beautiful readers! The past month and a half have been an absolute whirlwind:

I moved 300 miles to be closer to my family, and I married the man of my dreams, Mr. Douglas Clark.

And I couldn’t be any happier. (more…)